24 Hours Live Stream

This Saturday, June the 20th will be a 24 hours live stream on our fan channel on YouTube!
I will play, of course, only music and videos from Jasmine Thompson and we are going to have a really good time in the chat and maybe I will also talk a little about the past things and future plans of the fansite.

The stream starts at 3 PM UK time (GMT) and will end on Sunday at 3 PM.
You can set a reminder on YouTube by clicking here.

Some frequently ask questions:

  • Will Jasmine Thompson join the live stream?
    I’m not sure, but maybe we are lucky
  • Will you only play music & videos from Jasmine
  • Is the stream free to watch?
    Yes, of course – it’s totally free to watch.
  • Will you answer some questions during the stream?
    Of course!

Looking forward to the stream and to see you guys there!