The JasMag is an online magazine, dedicated to Jasmine Thompson & her fans all over the world. Anis & I started this project back in 2014 and released in early 2015 the first issue of our fan magazine. The idea was it to bring Jasmine & her fans closer together by showing some really cool arts made by fans, awesome stories about other fans who had met Jasmine in person and to feature some great, upcoming artists.

The magazine was so successful that we were able to release some limited printed versions in summer 2016.


Jasmine Thompson about the JasMag:

"...Thank you for doing this! I really appreciate you sticking by me and supporting my music...."


  • · Q&A with Jasmine about her time off & her comeback
  • All lyrics from Jasmine’s ‘Colour’ EP
  • Print your own Polaroid cards
  • Tons of high quality photos from Jasmine Thompson
  • Fan quotes about the ‘Colour’ EP
  • Beautiful fan arts
  • · Q&A with Jasmine about her Wonderland EP
  • Regina Pimentel as our feat. artist
  • Exclusive all lyrics from Jasmine’s new EP
  • Get the Look from “Wonderland”
  • How Jade finally met Jasmine
  • More fan stories & fan arts
  • Jasmine answers your questions about ‘Rise Up’
  • Jenna Chessal as our feat. artist
  • MakeUp tutorial from Tiffany
  • Double exposure calendar 2017
  • How Leonard met Jasmine
  • More fan stories & fan arts
  • · Exclusive tour diary from Jasmine Thompson
  • Vintage postcards
  • Sapphire as feat. artist + interview
  • Kiah Spurle as feat. artist + interview
  • Great fan stories from Federica, Daisy & Gergana
  • Awesome fan arts from fans around the whole worl
  • · We took a closer look on Jasmine’s co-writer in LA
  • Print your own ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign
  • Lucy Foggo as feat. artist
  • How Henrike & Devon met Jasmine
  • Many more fan stories
  • Great fan arts
  • · High quality photo album from 2015
  • Lots of unreleased photos from Jasmine Thompson
  • · Everything about Jasmine Thompson’s “Adore” EP
  • Brooke Falls as feat. artist
  • How Kayla discovered Jasmine
  • Augustus reviews different “Adore” versions
  • Lots of pictures from Jasmine’s promo tour in Germany
  • · Jasmine Thompson at the Echo Awards in Berlin
  • Martine Singer as feat. artist
  • Exclusive Q&A with Jasmine in this magazine
  • A full deck of 54 cards to print
  • How Angelo met Jasmine
  • Augustus reviews “Ain’t Nobody
  • · Sun Goes Down as song of the issue
  • Nina Morgan as feat. artist
  • 35 questions to Jasmine + answers
  • Print your own calendar & Flyer
  • Awesome fan arts from fans around the whole world