The Monday After

Jasmine Thompson Biography

Jasmine Thompson released her new song on Friday and I think we are all just blown away from ‘Love For The Lonely’! Aren’t we?

Jasmine wrote this song together with Nina Nesbitt and was produced by Ollie Green.
The most interesting part is, that Jasmine filmed this song together with her friend Jen at home. The director Jack Munsch was on Skype and helped both setting up everything.

The result is a really powerful video impression with even more powerful lyrics which Jasmine wrote about a relationship that doesn’t feel right, but she’s holding on, because “he could be anyone”.

According to this article from Warner Music Germany, we can even hope for more songs from Jasmine Thompson:

(…) initiates a series of new musical releases from her (…)

Sounds great, right? Awesome!
You can stream or download ‘Love For The Lonely’ by clicking here.

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