Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Two words, well, actually just one word on Twitter with the hashtag but I don’t want to talk about math today lol.

The ThrowbackThursday was in the early days from this fansite always a time for me to freak a little bit out. Okay, maybe a bit more than just a little bit … We had some great fun on Twitter back then.

If you can’t remember that time, I can help you out:

Oh, that was the wrong tweet … uhm … let me try again:

Yeah, that seems right!
As I said before, we had a lot of fun on Twitter and I would like to bring that funny time back to you guys – or better: to all of us. Guess we all need a good laugh nowadays!

I collected tons over tons of funny photos from Jasmine’s younger years over the last almost 6 years and I’m going to use them with funny captions.

So, keep an eye on my Twitter account and take cover!

No – not THAT ‘take cover’ … uhm … wait a second …

Yipp – that ‘take cover’!