Which is your fav EP

Today you can vote for your most favorite EP from Jasmine Thompson.
Let us know in the poll below if it’s her 1st EP ‘Under The Willow Tree’ from 2013, ‘Take Cover’ from 2014, ‘Adore’ was released 2015, ‘Wonderland’ from 2017 or Jasmine’s most recent EP ‘Colour’ from last year.

This is – at least for me – a really hard voting and I’m still not sure which one I should choose! I really love the 2013’s ‘Under The Willow Tree’ EP because I just love Jasmine’s original song “Willow”.

‘Take Cover’ has 5 beautiful songs too and I love Jasmine’s version of “Chandelier” so much!
‘Adore’, on the other hand, has with “Crystal Heart” and “Do It Now” two great songs with a deeper meaning (to me).

The ‘Wonderland’ EP is maybe one of the best EP Jasmine Thompson ever released – if you’d ask me. “Old Friends”, “Wanna Know Love” and “Fix Me” are just incredible.

Last year’s’ Colour’ EP is a bomb and I really love “Loyal” and “Take Care”.
I hope you see the struggle I have and I’m still thinking about which one I should choose.

The voting is open until next Sunday (June 21st) and I’ll post the result next Monday.

Which EP From Jasmine Do You Like The Most? Live

  • Under The Willow Tree
    50% 4 / 8
  • Take Cover
    12% 1 / 8
  • Adore
    12% 1 / 8
  • Wonderland
    12% 1 / 8
  • Colour
    12% 1 / 8